we live for love + adventure

Simply put — we love, love

Out of all the talented creatives out there, why would you choose our team?

Because we are just wildly in love with one another and with our passion for storytelling. Through Film + Photography, we can help your dreams become lasting memories...and we like to have some fun while doing it. We want you to feel like old friends and that you can trust us through the whole process. We are here for YOU + want to go above and beyond to make every second special.

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Hello, we are Mark + Brittany

We are a couple who truly LOVES LOVE! We fell in love almost immediately and have been married for 14 years, have two beautiful wildflowers and find beauty in the natural moments. We've adventured together, laughed together, moved to several difference countries, states + traveled to more than we can remember...would do it all over again if we could! Now we want YOUR STORY to be told in a genuine + natural way, whether it's through film and/or video. Our passion and empathy drive us to make lasting memories for others as they discover beauty in the simple moments.

We are SoCal natives and had to leave it for 7 years in order to truly appreciate In-N-Out and our beloved beach/mountain combos and everything in between. If you know, you know. Most recently, we bought a travel trailer, renovated it, moved into it full time and planned a USA 2020 tour...as you can imagine, that didn't last long with the pandemic. You can watch our crazy adventures on our YouTube Channel So we slowly made our way back to Sunny California after years of crazy winter storms haha! We also travel a lot and run an International Nonprofit. Our family finds joy in dance parties, outdoor adventures and quoting Sponge Bob...so we're pretty goofy and down to earth.

We started our journey in film + photography while living in Tanzania, Africa where we wanted to share OUR story for those who followed along our journey. We then moved into working with other Non-profits and businesses to help them tell THEIR story to the world. We have now moved to the beautiful world of Wedding + Portraits through both mediums to help tell YOUR story!

So now that you know us, tell us about you + your story so we can feel like old friends when we meet in person, sound cool?